NSW food business licence application

This form allows you to apply for new licences from the Food Authority to run the following types of food businesses in NSW. See links for definitions:

  • dairy - dairy and dairy product producers, storage, factories and vendors
  • egg - producers of eggs (except 'small egg farms') and egg products such as pulp or blended mixtures, graders, processors and storage facilities
  • food service to vulnerable persons - such as in hospitals and aged care facilities (see: licence application guide)
  • meat - businesses that handle or process meat or poultry including butcheries, poultry meat farms, abattoirs, knackeries, rendering plants, game meat field depots and processing (see: licence application guide), and animal food field depots and processing
  • plant products - such as producers of seed sprouts, vegetables in oil, unpasteurised juices
  • seafood - businesses that handle, process, package, distribute or store seafood, but not harvest or retail sale
  • shellfish - businesses that cultivate, harvest, harvest and hold, collect or depurate shellfish
  • transport - of any of the foods above.

These licences are used to ensure a business is able to produce safe food before it is supplied to customers.

All other food businesses in NSW need to notify their business details to the local council, or in some cases to the Food Authority. See notification

If you have questions about licences, please contact the Food Authority Licensing Unit on 02 6552 3000 or licensing@foodauthority.nsw.gov.au

Existing licences

If you already hold a Food Authority licence and want to change or cancel it or add extra premises, vehicles and so on, please contact the Food Authority Licensing Unit on 02 6552 3000 or licensing@foodauthority.nsw.gov.au

Food Authority licences are not transferable from one person to another.

4 steps for new businesses

Before opening a food business that needs a Food Authority licence, you need to:

  1. submit an application form (this form)
  2. pay a one-off application fee and the first year's licence fee (at the end of this form)
  3. be ready to comply with relevant business requirements and food standards
  4. pass an audit or inspection for compliance with the standards.

See the Food Authority website for a range of helpful guides and resources.

By law, the food business must not start operating without the appropriate Food Authority licence - enforcement action and prosecution can apply.

Tips (important)

There is no time limit to complete the form.

You can save the form and come back later if you run out of time or need more information. Make sure to keep a note of (eg. print) your application number.

Before you begin your application, the information and documents you need are:

  • company details including ACN, ASIC Company Statement, ABN certificate for GST, main office details
  • name & contact details for all applicants for the licence
  • details of all fixed premises, food transport vehicles, fishing vessels, fishing business and/or estuary to be included in the licence
  • details of the food products and the activities the business will be undertaking and the number of food handlers at each location.

Please be as accurate as possible so we can process your application.

Processing times

We will assess your application and write to you within 10 working days to let you know if we need any more information.

In the letter we will also let you know a timeframe for any audit or inspection that is needed.

We aim to finalise your application within 4 weeks after the audit or inspection.

Personal information & privacy

The information you provide will be used by the Food Authority to process your licence application, set up customer records, arrange audits or inspections of the business and administer the Food Act 2003. The information will be stored on a database and may be passed on to local councils and interstate food enforcement agencies or health agencies such as public health units. The Food Authority does not disclose your personal details to people who may make food complaints, except if ordered by a court.

You can read about how to access to your personal records on our access to information page.

If you give us an email address you can choose to have a copy of the completed form emailed to you for your records.

OK, let's get started...